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Behavioral Rehabilitation or Obedience Training….What does your dog need?

A Stable Dog

Most behavior problems are the result of not having a clear understanding of what you want or are saying. Your  job is to provide and protect.  If you are not making your dog feel safe, protected and provided for,  then your dog will start looking for someone to do just that and if he can’t find one, he will eventually take  that role and a dog that thinks he is the leader takes that role very seriously.
Many dogs while able to heel on leash, and maybe sit while you talk to a neighbor, are acting out behavior issues at home that are not addressed in obedience training.
Want the dog you dreamed of when you first got your pet? To get the dog you always wanted you just need to meet your dogs needs. Learn to understand and communicate with your dog.  It’s that simple. Then he will meet your needs. Coaching changes the dog’s behavior by teaching the humans how to connect with their by using calm energy and body language in ways that dogs communicate with each other and changing the dogs position in the pack. Your dog barks, growls, jumps, etc,  for a reason.  You just have to understand th

Behavioral “Training” or “Coaching”

Behavioral training, rehabilitation or modification takes understanding dog psychology

This is done by someone that understands canine behavior, canine language, canine nutrition and has the understanding to not only teach the dog but the human as well.

Is able to change what the human has been doing, teaches the human why and how everything can affect behavior so that the dog can change.

Training your dog commands will not change his behavior.  For example, if you were angry and were told to sit down, would your anger go away just because you were sitting?


Dog “Trainer”

  •  Dog “Trainer” is someone that trains your dog to respond to certain commands, from basic “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “down”, to the advance commands used for show dogs, or competition dogs.
  •  Obedience training won’t eliminate behavior issues.
  • It teaches commands but does not change the behavior.
  • A dog can go through obedience training and not be obedient
  •   An aggressive dog can be trained to sit or stay, but it will still be an aggressive dog.
  •  Changing a dogs position does not change it’s state of mind!

So, if you have a well behaved dog and want to teach him commands or tricks, your best bet is a trainer.

The first step in rehabilitating any dog is establishing a connection, teaching your dog that he can trust you.

The best way to determine whether your dog is the leader is by observing his behavior during the walk.  When you are in the lead,  you are the leader; when your dog is leading,  you are his pack.
If you look around you can see dogs walking people all of the time. This  is the first indication of a dog with behavior issues and lack of leadership.  It doesn’t mean you have a “bad” dog, he just trying to fill that leadership role.
If your “trainer”  needs to teach your dog “tricks”, use choke chains, prong collars, E-(electric) collars, squirt bottles, shaker cans, bean bags, or clicks and treats, to try and change the behavior of your dog, then perhaps you need to re-think how you are training your dog.
Do not believe that the only option for your dog is an E-shock collar or that your dog has to be put down for behavior issues.

Owning a well behaved dog is an entirely different experience. . Dog behavior training helps build a strong bond of trust between you and your dog because it teaches your dog to look to you for approval in everything he does!

With behavior training, the relationship between you and your dog can reach its full potential!  Dogs are pack animals and are genetically programmed to enjoy following a benevolent leader. Dog behavior training gives them confidence and security

Want to walk your dog down the street and enjoy it?
Want to open your front door and not worry that your dog is going to run out and possibly get hurt?
Want to have people over and not have your dog jumping all over your guests?
How about taking your dog in public and not worry that something “might” happen?
Want feeding time to be relaxed and not a chore where you have to feed dogs in different areas?
How about stopping that never ending barking?

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