Make sure your pets are in good hands

Making travel plans can be stressful and trying to find someone or somewhere to take care of your pet while you are away is an even bigger stress

When looking for a caretaker for your pet please keep the following in mind:

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover so to speak. Ask around, see what people have to say about the facility or staff. Take time and walk the facilities, look at where the dog will sleep, play, and eat. Hang out for a while and see how the staff interacts with different dogs. Is the staff calm and knowledgeable? Do they have an internet monitoring system so you can check in on your pet? Does the staff know first aid for dogs? Maybe even do a “drop” in visit to checkout the facility. Do they have monitors for you check in on your dog.
Another option is a pet sitter. Take time to ask them questions. Make sure they come to your home and visit with both you and your pets, Watch how they interact with your pet. Do they know first aid for your animals? Do they ask you a lot of questions about your pets needs, habits, likes, and dislikes?  Watch how they are with your pet both inside and outside of your home. Will they give you updates while you are away?

Do NOT be afraid to ask for references!

Take time to research and then you can leave your pet with confidence.

Pick the right person for your beloved pet.

You need help with your dog and the first thing you do is start looking for “trainers”.  Let’s start by asking a simple question. What do you want and need for your dog?  Does your dog obey your commands for the most part but you want him to do more tricks, sit, stay, rollover, for example. Well, then definitely look for a trainer. Does your dog have issues such as barking, jumping, pulling on a leash, growling, food aggression, etc. Well, then you need to look for a canine behaviorist.  There is a difference.There are a lot of trainers and behaviorist out there. Make sure you do some checking on them. Did you know that there is not an agency that regulates dog trainers? There are actually classes offered online that will give someone a certificate after passing some online exams and then they promote themselves as experts with never actually working with a dog in real situations. This is dangerous as you can get the wrong information, your dog can actually become worse in these situations and now you are both confused on what you really need to be doing. Not to mention the wasted money.

Ask questions.
What are the procedures, techniques, methods that they use?
Beware of any trainer or facility that wants to use a shock collar to start your dogs training. Watch them work with different dogs. Do they use force or dominance? No one should ever use force to teach a dog. Do you want your dog to be afraid or happy and stable? Don’t be afraid to ask them multiple questions. If they are reputable they will appreciate you asking. Look into their beliefs and practices, do they somewhat match yours? Watch how they interact with not just your pet but other dogs as well. Do they back up their work? Do they want you to leave the dog with them? Why? If so, check out their facilities.Watch how your pet acts around the staff and how it reacts to the facility. Your pet deserves to be happy and stable. Don’t  trust your beloved pet with just anyone. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should put your dog down.

Which ever option you need and whomever you choose, please take the time and do your research.

Want to walk your dog down the street and enjoy it?
Want to open your front door and not worry that your dog is going to run out and possibly get hurt?
Want to have people over and not have your dog jumping all over your guests?
How about taking your dog in public and not worry that something “might” happen?
Want feeding time to be relaxed and not a chore where you have to feed dogs in different areas?
How about stopping that never ending barking?

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