It’s not hard……It’s just different

My pack and some new friends as well.

became a canine coach after years of searching information about various schools, trainers, teachers, and methods out there to help people with problem pets because I was tired of hearing and seeing animals that needed help and not getting the help they deserved. I heard over and over that people were giving their pets away or even surrendering a beloved pet to a shelter for behavior issues that they were told could not be fixed. Heard stories of pet owners being kicked out of puppy classes and obedience schools because they had a “bad” dog and of others spending hundreds on classes over a few week period for their dog to only obey the command in the class. I knew there had to be an answer other than for an owner to give up their pets or live with the behavior issues. I finally found  my place by listening to the silence. I stopped listening to people that I knew were not creating trust and bonds with pets, that said force was the only way, that there was only one way.  I spent all of the time and did all the work for you and want to share this knowledge with you to help improve the quality of life with your pet. Now, are you ready to get back the life you envisioned when you got your pet?

I have been an animal lover my entire life. I truly believe that we have been fed so much misinformation on how to “work” with dogs that we cause more damage than good.  Dogs deserve better and if we would just learn from them we can see how easy it is to work with them and not against them.

Our pets deserve to be healthy both physically and mentally and when we take them into our homes it is out responsibility to do what is best. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help with your pets.

Our pets deserve to have someone try to understand them, someone that understands they aren’t just “bad dogs

  • I do not believe that you should have to use force or dominance to teach a dog.
  • We can love our dogs, I love mine, but we have to remember that they are dogs. Once we do, we can learn their basic needs and then learn to understand their behaviors and communicate in ways that they understand to teach them positive behaviors.
  • You can not send a dog away to correct it’s behavior issues. The dog learned these behaviors because of a lack of strong, calm leadership. So, the owner needs to learn how to be a proper pack leader and the dog will follow.
  • I work with the owners, teaching them, then together, we teach the dog.
  • Making just a few changes in the way we communicate with our dog will change the relationship forever.


Owning a dog is a huge responsibility but owning a dog who is DEAF is even more! When Lacy first found me at a garage sale, we fell instantly in love perhaps because of my previous work with people who are deaf. It wasn’t long though that Lacy and I began having “misunderstandings’ about the rules and who REALLY owns the house! I heard about Dawn and the work she does so I called her to “mediate”. As we progressed through our lesson, I quickly learned from observing Dawn that the REAL misunderstanding was with me and how I communicate with Lacy. Once I changed my behavior, I began achieving the results that I needed from Lacy. I am forever grateful for Dawn’s guidance and try to keep her lessons in mind at all times. Lacy is grateful because now I am ‘trained’ to work with HER! – Barbara

It has been 4 days since you  were in our home. Angel, my “step-dog” had bitten me when I tried to touch her feet. While I am continuing at this time to use the muzzle on her when I handle her feet, she has not made an attempt to snap at me since the 2nd day. Even in the presence of my husband she seems to truly enjoy my attention! My 2 small dog have been totally changed. I am able to sit on my sofa with food and not have to fight to keep them out of my plate. This is a problem that has been ongoing for years as Bandit is 8 years old. After 1 session with the Dog Whisperers, all my animals are transformed. If someone had told me the dogs could be transformed simply by the changes in the way my husband and I relate to them, I would have thought they were crazy. I have watched so many television shows and read so many books on “training” that stress the importance of teaching obedience, I would never have dreamed the changes could come so easily through how we relate to the dogs.

It was so hard not to tell the dogs to “sit” when we wanted them to stay back, or to give them the verbal commands we have been used to using. Now, I do understand that teaching them the behavior they need to know to be “good” pets doesn’t depend on “obedience”. I should not have to command that they stay off of the sofa unless given permission or command that they stay back from the door and not maul visitors; I understand that they need to understand these behaviors as a way of life, to be done every time without command.I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with us. It was fun, interesting and successful.

Georgia Davis

Fort Worth, Texas

This was the most awesome experience I have ever had! I did not need a dog trainer, I know the basics of training my dogs to sit, lie down, stay etc. I needed someone to help me make my dogs behave and be happy that I am a dog owner-and not be btiten. In 4 very busy hours, the Dog Whisperers trained me and my husband! We can actually sit on the sofa without the dogs demanding attention, no begging for food, walking all 4 at one time is comfortable and my “aggressive” dog is not snapping at me. I would recommend this behavior changing process to everyone. Change behavior and then if you want to teach obedience, it should be a breeze. Your dog will understand that you are the pack leader and they will be eager to please you. Thank you so much..
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